The Inside/Out Approach

October 13, 2017


Have you ever seen the Disney/Pixar animated movie, "Inside Out"? I have a five-year-old son, so you can guess whether or not I had to. 


I'll spare you all the cute-cartoon stuff. But like with many of these movies, they carry a deeper meaning (intentional or not). 


My takeaway was this: What is happening inside of you will inevitably makes its way out. It may or may not be pretty!


There is a cause and effect with your actions and behavior. Who knew, right? But we oftentimes seem to ignore the fact that what we take into our mind, body, and spirit will result in something good, bad, or indifferent. Not only what we take in, but how we process things as well. 


A good discipline to own is the Biblical notion of "taking every thought captive". We have to consider that when we see something, it doesn't make it "real". Or when we have negativity enter our mind, that we allow it to define a situation. Having a proper filter is important! 


The same holds true with what we eat. An obese person could have one plate of spaghetti and still gain weight, due to a number of factors. A marathon runner that is "carb loading" could eat five plates of that same spaghetti and remain trim. The body is conditioned to process food differently, influenced a good bit by our genetics but more about our activity. 


What caused one person to get fatter, is the fuel that wins the race. 


The rich inheritance could enable laziness, or be the foundation of a new business.


A personal setback could be the final straw or it is the extra motivation needed to keep pressing on. 


So the question is, "What are you doing with it?"


Whatever that "it" is, how are you making the most of... it? 


The easy answer to all of this is to be as healthy and strong as you possibly can. Mentally, physically, and spiritually.


We usually don't make the best decisions when we're in a "bad place". In a state like that, your processing ability becomes skewed and the consequences can be quite damaging. You can affect your long-term success because you made an ill-conceived decision to meet a short-term need.


Whether for yourself or as an organization, always start from the inside/out!


Too many get caught up in the externals (your appearance or perhaps a group's marketing effort) before making sure that the internal stuff is in proper order. This is a waste of time and resources! It will only delay your success. 




  • Do an inventory: Determine what you have to work with. Get healthy!

  • Find your "why": You cannot go on aimlessly. Get clarity on goals!

  • Have a vision: What do you see happening? Get inspired!

  • Get a plan: Put into place some structure. Turn that dream into reality!


John Maxwell once wrote, "the unexamined leader is not worth following".


Don't sell yourself short! Make the smart move and take a hard look at what's inside of you. From there, determine what needs to be developed (if not changed altogether) before you move forward. 





Chris Honeycutt is the Founder and Lead Consultant of Training Churches. He resides in Spartanburg, SC with his wife Heather and their son Nelson. 



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The Inside/Out Approach

October 13, 2017

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